Looking for an OPERATIONAL PARTNER for your real estate activities ? RETALE offers you a wide range of services tailored to your needs and criteria.

We engage in this process through either a structured partnership or by fulfilling a specific mission.

We are active in retail, offices, hospitality, corporate and residential real estate.


For COMPANIES AND ORGANISATIONS we scout for suitable commercial buildings, offices, warehouses, etc. for their business activities

For DEVELOPERS AND INVESTORS we scout for interesting development and investment opportunities in retail, offices, hotels, industrial and residential real estate

For RETAILERS we support domestic and international expansion, engaging in a wide range of real estate related matters

For LANDLORDS we offer asset management services, striving to maximize property value through efficient and sustainable management


RETALE secured a suitable operator for the hotel “The Banks” in Brussels

RETALE contracted a commercial building for Délitraiteur 

RETALE secured an office space for a non-profit organisation 

RETALE examined the redevelopment possibilities for a family office 

RETALE contracted a commercial property for Loods3

RETALE scouted an office building that will be redeveloped into a residential project

RETALE scouted and secured a commercial plot for a build-to-suit retail project

RETALE secured a commercial building for an end-user 

RETALE provides services for Wibra’s real estate operations

RETALE secured a commercial building for Medical Precision 

RETALE discreetly secured a buyer for a residential development project

RETALE secured a suitable commercial building for Horta


Alexander and Frederik combine 30 years of experience in a broad spectrum of real estate related activities, ranging from consulting to development in various asset classes. With a strong affinity for real estate and project development, Julie joined the team as marketing and communications coordinator.

Putting our years of experience into practice, combined with our expertise and extensive network, we provide solutions to the various real estate inquiries from our clients.

BIV nr: 502948 (A) – 506643 (F)